Singularity is now Apptainer!


Learn some knowledge from those who have their hands on the wheel with Apptainer. Learn their ways, techniques, or even get some enlightenment about where to use Apptainer.


Apptainer 1.1.0 Has Been Released

A discussion of the new features and updated security posture of the groundbreaking Apptainer 1.1.0 release.

2017 HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference

Singularity: Containers for Science, Reproducibility, and HPC

This talk explores how Singularity combines software packaging models with minimalistic containers to create very lightweight application bundles which can be simply executed and contained completely within their environment or be used to interact directly with the host file systems at native speeds.


Container Education Series: Building Apptainer Containers

A deep dive starting generally and venturing into the obscure and dark corners of container building with Apptainer.

Daniel Persson

Building containers with Singularity

Learn how to use Singularity to create containers both in interactive mode and using definition files to automate the build.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

Introduction to Singularity: Containers for Scientific and High-Performance Computing

In this webinar, we provide an overview of Singularity and how you might incorporate the use of containers in your own research. We also show you how to access and use some of the containerized applications that we make available to users on XSEDE systems like Comet and Expanse at SDSC.


Singularity: Containers for High-Performance Computing

This session will provide an overview of the main features and benefits of Singularity, as well as a demonstration of how to run Singularity on WestGrid and Compute Canada systems, how to access filesystems from the container, and how to convert Docker containers to Singularity applications.

NVIDIA Developer

Run NVIDIA GPU Cloud Containers in Singularity

This video covers installing and configuring Singularity, pulling and saving NGC containers and running NGC containers in an HPC environment.

ISC High Performance

Singularity Introduction

Michael Bauer provides an introduction into the HPC container runtime Singularity.

2018 Swiss HPC Conference

Containers Using Singularity on HPC

In this video from the 2018 Swiss HPC Conference, Abhinav Thota, from Indiana University presents: Containers Using Singularity on HPC.


Easy-Build Singularity Containers

In this hands on tutorial we will build 2 containers: a simple one to give users an understanding of how the set of scripts are working and how we can build for example Debian or CentOS containers without much knowledge of the background mechanisms. In the second, more advanced part, we show how to open up the containers and give users are chance to install their bespoken pipelines and use the power of the containers to run that on virtually any suitable platform.


Singularity in High Performance Computing (HPC)

In this webinar, we cover the basics of using Singularity and best practices of using it on Compute Canada HPC systems. We then discuss the common use cases and our experience with Singularity, and review the recent developments and changes in the newest versions of Singularity 3. The webinar is intended for everyone with basic skills in the Linux command line.

Computational Biomedicine

Singularity: simple, secure containers for HPC

Singularity is the most widely used container solution in high-performance computing (HPC). Instead of a layered filesystem, a Singularity container is stored in a single file. This simplifies the container management lifecycle and facilitates features such as image signing and verification to produce trusted containers.


Benchmarking MPI Applications in Singularity Containers on Traditional HPC and Cloud Infrastructures

In this presentation, Benchmarking over traditional HPC is presented.

USC Advanced Research Computing

Software Containers with Singularity

An overview of software containers and how to use Singularity to create and run containers for research and high-performance computing tasks.