singularity remote login

Log into a singularity remote endpoint, an OCI/Docker registry or a keyserver using credentials


The ‘remote login’ command allows you to set credentials for a specific endpoint, an OCI/Docker registry or a keyserver. This command can produce a link directing you to the token service you can use to generate a valid token. If no endpoint or registry is specified, it will try the default remote endpoint (SylabsCloud).

singularity remote login [login options...] <remote_name|registry_uri>


To log in to an endpoint:
$ singularity remote login SylabsCloud

To login in to a docker/OCI registry:
$ singularity remote login --username foo --password bar docker://


-h, --help               help for login
-i, --insecure           allow insecure login
-p, --password string    password to authenticate with
    --password-stdin     take password from standard input
    --tokenfile string   path to the file holding token
-u, --username string    username to authenticate with (leave it empty for token authentication)


  • singularity remote - Manage singularity remote endpoints, keyservers and OCI/Docker registry credentials

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