Empower your applications.

Apptainer (formerly Singularity) simplifies the creation and execution of containers, ensuring software components are encapsulated for portability and reproducibility.

clint@my-pc:~$ apptainer inspect ubuntu.sif

org.label-schema.build-arch: amd64

org.label-schema.build-date: Wednesday_25_January_2023_12:2:15_EST

org.label-schema.schema-version: 1.0

org.label-schema.usage.apptainer.version: 1.1.4

org.label-schema.usage.singularity.deffile.bootstrap: docker

org.label-schema.usage.singularity.deffile.from: ubuntu:20.04

Secure. Portable. Encryptable.

Apptainer is a secure, portable, and easy-to-use container system that provides absolute trust and security. It is widely used across industry and academia in many areas of work.

Execute Securely

Apptainer allows unprivileged users to use containers and prohibits privilege escalation within the container; users are the same inside and outside the container.

Share and Move

The single-file SIF container format allows you to reproducibly build, share, and archive your workload from workstations to HPC to the edge.

Encrypt It

Apptainer can encrypt containers and integrates with Vault and other secret management platforms to secure applications, models, and data.

Bring your existing Docker images.

Apptainer can import any container from OCI (Open Containers Initiative) registries. It aims for maximum compatibility with Docker, allowing you to pull, run, and build from most containers on Docker Hub without changes. This makes it easy to work with Docker containers while benefitting from Apptainer's secure, portable, and easy-to-use container system.

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