apptainer keyserver

Manage apptainer keyservers


The ‘keyserver’ command allows you to manage standalone keyservers that will be used for retrieving cryptographic keys.


All group commands have their own help output:

  $ apptainer help keyserver add
  $ apptainer keyserver add


-c, --config string   path to the file holding keyserver configurations (default "/home/runner/.apptainer/remote.yaml")
-h, --help            help for keyserver


Linux container platform optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC) * apptainer keyserver add - Add a keyserver (root user only) * apptainer keyserver list - List all keyservers that are configured * apptainer keyserver login - Login to a keyserver * apptainer keyserver logout - Logout from a keyserver * apptainer keyserver remove - Remove a keyserver (root user only)

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