apptainer oci run

Create/start/attach/delete a container from a bundle directory (root user only)


Run will invoke equivalent of create/start/attach/delete commands in a row.

apptainer oci run -b <bundle_path> [run options...] <container_ID>


$ apptainer oci run -b ~/bundle mycontainer

is equivalent to :

$ apptainer oci create -b ~/bundle mycontainer
$ apptainer oci start mycontainer
$ apptainer oci attach mycontainer
$ apptainer oci delete mycontainer


-b, --bundle string        specify the OCI bundle path (required)
-h, --help                 help for run
    --log-format string    specify the log file format. Available formats are basic, kubernetes and json (default "kubernetes")
-l, --log-path string      specify the log file path
    --pid-file string      specify the pid file
-s, --sync-socket string   specify the path to unix socket for state synchronization


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