apptainer verify

Verify digital signature(s) within an image


The verify command allows a user to verify one or more digital signatures within a SIF image.

Key material can be provided via PEM-encoded file, or via the PGP keyring. To manage the PGP keyring, see ‘apptainer help key’.

apptainer verify [verify options...] <image path>


Verify with a public key:
$ apptainer verify --key public.pem container.sif

Verify with PGP:
$ apptainer verify container.sif


-a, --all                                verify all objects
    --certificate string                 path to the certificate
    --certificate-intermediates string   path to pool of intermediate certificates
    --certificate-roots string           path to pool of root certificates
-g, --group-id uint32                    verify objects with the specified group ID
-h, --help                               help for verify
-j, --json                               output json
    --key string                         path to the public key file
    --legacy-insecure                    enable verification of (insecure) legacy signatures
-l, --local                              only verify with local key(s) in keyring
    --ocsp-verify                        enable online revocation check for certificates
-i, --sif-id uint32                      verify object with the specified ID
-u, --url string                         specify a URL for a key server


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