apptainer remote add-keyserver

Add a keyserver (root user only)


The ‘remote add-keyserver’ command allows to define additional keyserver. The –order option can define the order of the keyserver for all related key operations, therefore when specifying ‘–order 1’ the keyserver is becoming the primary keyserver. If no endpoint is specified, it will use the default remote endpoint.

apptainer remote add-keyserver [options] [remoteName] <keyserver_url>


$ apptainer remote add-keyserver

To add a keyserver to be used as the primary keyserver for the current endpoint
$ apptainer remote add-keyserver --order 1


-h, --help           help for add-keyserver
-i, --insecure       allow insecure connection to keyserver
-o, --order uint32   define the keyserver order


  • apptainer remote - Manage apptainer remote endpoints, keyservers and OCI/Docker registry credentials

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