apptainer plugin

Manage Apptainer plugins


The ‘plugin’ command allows you to manage Apptainer plugins which provide add-on functionality to the default Apptainer installation.

apptainer plugin [plugin options...]


All group commands have their own help output:

$ apptainer help plugin compile
$ apptainer plugin list --help


-h, --help   help for plugin


Linux container platform optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC) * apptainer plugin compile - Compile an Apptainer plugin * apptainer plugin create - Create a plugin skeleton directory * apptainer plugin disable - disable an installed Apptainer plugin * apptainer plugin enable - Enable an installed Apptainer plugin * apptainer plugin inspect - Inspect an Apptainer plugin (either an installed one or an image) * apptainer plugin install - Install a compiled Apptainer plugin * apptainer plugin list - List installed Apptainer plugins * apptainer plugin uninstall - Uninstall removes the named plugin from the system

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